Welcome Packs

Visible Computing's technology has enabled Sky to enhance the customer experience by driving the offline customer online by distributing via Customer Welcome Packs leading to 20% response rates.

Institute of Fundraising

Offline to Online

Visible Computing offers a simple and easy route to drive prospective and existing customers from the offline to the online world.

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True Engagement

Visible Computing worked alongside to launch a unique campaign to drive people to sign up to its website. The latest campaign data demonstrates a 24% response rate, with a 8.85% click to conversion rate

Who are we?

We are a worldwide technology company headquartered in the UK. Our flagship product, the Vizkey brings the rich physical world of objects and printed graphics to the accessibility and interactivity of the web.

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What is Vizkey?

The "Vizkey" is a small USB device that automatically runs a task or content on a computer when plugged in. In its simplest form, it links a physical object directly to web content by automatically opening a URL such as a website address.

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Vizkey Demo

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